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Physical Therapy


Summit 10 Pack


Treeline 6 Pack


Single Session: 


All sessions are 60 minutes one on one with a skilled physical therapist. To learn why we do not directly bill insurance please read below.


As an endurance athlete you need your body to work for you. In order to stay healthy and have a successful season it is important to have multiple successful training blocks. Whether you're training for a race or just enjoying the outdoors, you know that keeping your body in peak condition is essential for success.


Physical therapy is so important for endurance athletes. It can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and speed up recovery times. But when it comes to paying for physical therapy services, there's often a choice between using insurance or paying out of pocket. At Golden Endurance, we believe that seeking cash-based physical therapy services is the better option for endurance athletes. Here's why.

  1. Providers at Golden Endurance offer one-on-one attention and have the expertise to diagnose and treat tendinopathies and bone stress injuries that are common in the endurance population.

  2. Paying out of pocket gives you more control over your treatment plan, including the ability to customize it to your specific needs, and it allows for continuity programs such as remote strength training.

  3. It can save you time and money, as you avoid co-pays, deductibles, and surprise bills, and you may need fewer sessions thanks to more personalized attention and customized treatment.

  4. You have access to a wider range of treatments and therapies that insurance companies may not cover, and therapists at Golden Endurance are committed to helping you achieve your specific goals as an endurance athlete.

  5. Golden Endurance treats their patients like close friends, with open communication and periodic check-ins to ensure your goals are being met.

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