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Physical Therapy

Golden Endurance offers prehab and preventative care as well rehab following an injury. We believe in patient-centered care and put the athlete first. Our interventions are tailored to runners and aim at getting you back on your feet.


Golden Endurance offers running specific physical therapy to get you back on the road or trails. Physical therapists at Golden Endurance specialize in running related injuries and are competitors themselves. In 2022 all physical therapists competed in ultra running races in Colorado. 

Physical therapy services are offered at a fixed rate. Golden Endurance does not network with insurance companies in order to have freedom and flexibility in treatment philosophy and services provided. This results in higher client satisfaction and less health care cost over time. Other physical therapy clinics are bound by underpaid insurance contracts that require a high number of sessions needed to treat to rehabilitate an injury. Golden Endurance offers hour-long one on one sessions with a therapist. This is 2-4 times longer with a licensed therapist than most conventional clinics. This results in greater patient care, more opportunity for patient education, better patient outcomes, and quicker return to running. 

At Golden Endurance you will be treated like a runner. Initial evaluations include dynamic runner-specific mobility and movement assessments. Services are described in detail below. 

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Manual Therapy: Hands on treatment approach that treats pain and function. Treatments include soft tissue mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, and neural mobilization. 

Trigger Point Dry Needling: Treatment that involves insertion of a needle into dysfunctional muscles, providing a neuromuscular reset. 

Video Analysis: Dynamic gait and movement analysis of running specific movement followed by prescription of running specific exercises. 

Exercise Prescription: Exercises prescribed are specific to each individual client. Following a thorough orthopedic exam clients will be prescribed exercises based on their movement, gait, deficits in strength, restrictions in mobility and flexibility.


Health Education: With hour long one on one sessions therapists have the opportunity to educate clients on their injuries and provide effective strategies to train while injured. 

Injury Prevention: As clients return to running at their desired volume and intensity they will be given exercises to prevent future injuries. These exercises will be challenging, dynamic, and runner specific. 

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