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Run Coaching

Golden Endurance is excited to offer one on one coaching whether you are looking to run your first 5k or run your third ultra. Free consultations are available with any of our coaches to choose the right coach for you.

Golden Endurance offers coaching aimed at maximizing performance while preventing injuries. Coaching is guided by foundational training principles and takes athletes through individualized programs and training blocks.


  • 1 hour initial consultation

  • Virtual monthly programming

  • Customized training log via Training Peaks

  • Detailed race planning

  • Detailed workout descriptions

We help athletes of all levels improve their performance and achieve their goals. Whether you're an experienced athlete looking to set new personal records, or just starting out and seeking guidance to develop a solid foundation, our personalized coaching programs are designed to help you get there.

Our customized coaching plans are tailored to your individual needs and goals, ensuring that you receive the guidance and support you need to reach your full potential. Our highly qualified coaches work closely with you to develop a comprehensive training plan that is optimized for your body type, fitness level, and athletic aspirations.

Our personalized training programs are designed to help you improve your endurance, speed, strength, and overall fitness, utilizing a variety of training methods and techniques. We understand that every athlete is unique, which is why our programs are tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Performance testing and analysis is conducted to measure your progress and identify areas that need improvement, ensuring that your training program is optimized for your personal goals. Our coaches use this data to make adjustments to your training plan, and ensure that you are making the most of your time and effort.

As physical therapists we view injury prevention as a crucial aspect of our coaching programs. We work with you to develop a training plan that minimizes your risk of injury, keeping you on track to achieve your goals. 

Ongoing support is provided by our coaches to keep you motivated and on track. We are committed to checking in with you on a weekly basis, providing ongoing support and feedback as needed. We understand that achieving your goals can be challenging, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

At Golden Endurance, we are passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals. If you're ready to take your performance to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our coaching and training programs.

How we Communicate & Program

Run Coaching RATES


Summit 6 Month Commitment


Basecamp Month by Month


first month includes 60 minute in-person initial consult

Individuals on coaching or strength training programs that need physical therapy get significantly discounted physical therapy sessions.


Summit 6 Month Commitment


Basecamp Month by Month


First month includes 60 minute in-person initial consult

Individuals on coaching or strength training programs that need physical therapy get 10% physical therapy sessions or packages.

Run Coaching + Strength Programming Rates

Elite and Aspiring Elite Sponsorship Positions


Starting in 2024 we will offer several elite and aspiring elite coaching sponsorships. If you are interested in this please contact us directly at

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