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About us

Golden Endurance is a performance and rehab clinic that caters to endurance athletes. We are based out of Golden, Colorado and work primarily with endurance athletes along the Front Range.


Golden Endurance is here to help you achieve your endurance goals through a holistic approach, as no two athletes require the same approach.


Endurance sports require more than just a static training plan in order to develop. Building well-rounded endurance athletes requires planning, precision, and execution that is best accomplished with collaboration across various disciplines. Our team approach emphasizes working together for personalized care that develops an individual to be able to sustainably perform at a high level over the course of years. 


Prehab and Strength Training: Strength, coordination, and mobility training to help you stay injury free and bring out the best of your natural talent. This can include gait analysis and movement screens to help identify areas of weakness and to build on your strengths. 

Physical Therapy (Rehab): Work with a licensed physical therapist to return to running from an injury. Our therapists are experts in running and gait mechanics and have goals to bring you back to your prior level of competition. 

Coaching: Work with one of our coaches to develop a dynamic training plan that helps you develop and perform at your best while staying injury free. 

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