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You need your body to work for you and physical therapy can help with that. It can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and speed up recovery times. Physical therapy services at Golden Endurance are offered at a fixed rate. Golden Endurance does not network with insurance companies in order to have freedom and flexibility in treatment philosophy and services provided. This results in higher client satisfaction and less health care cost over time. Other physical therapy clinics are bound by underpaid insurance contracts that require a high number of sessions needed to treat to rehabilitate an injury.


At Golden Endurance, we believe that seeking cash-based physical therapy services is the better option. Here's why.

  1. Providers at Golden Endurance offer one-on-one attention and have the expertise to diagnose and treat tendinopathies and bone stress injuries that are common in the endurance population.

  2. Paying out of pocket gives you more control over your treatment plan, including the ability to customize it to your specific needs, and it allows for continuity programs such as remote strength training.

  3. It can save you time and money, as you avoid co-pays, deductibles, and surprise bills, and you may need fewer sessions thanks to more personalized attention and customized treatment.

  4. You have access to a wider range of treatments and therapies that insurance companies may not cover, and therapists at Golden Endurance are committed to helping you achieve your specific goals as an endurance athlete.

  5. Golden Endurance treats their patients like close friends, with open communication and periodic check-ins to ensure your goals are being met.

Schedule a FREE Consult

We do not publish our rates online; but we are happy to provide a FREE thirty minute phone consultation call detailing our rates and philosophy. We suggest you schedule a free consult to determine for yourself if working with us is worth the investment. A couple more things to consider:


  • What is managing this pain and getting back to activities worth to you- monetarily, but beyond that as well?

  • We generate a superbill after each visit that can be submitted to insurance as out of network. Everyone has different benefits and reimbursement rates. 

  • Clients with HSA/FSA can either pay directly with their account through Venmo, or generally get back full reimbursement if they submit for it afterwards.

  • We have a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the experience of your initial evaluation and truly feel it wasn't worth your time, we give you your money back.

Click the link below to schedule a FREE thirty minute phone consultation call!

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