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Bike Fitting

Golden Endurance offers cutting-edge medical bike fitting services performed by Gabe Dorn, a skilled physical therapist, revolutionizing the way you ride. Fitting services are offered for road, mountain, gravel bikes at this time. 

Our team understands that cycling is more than just a hobby—it's a lifestyle. That's why we've combined the art of bike fitting with the expertise of a physical therapist to create an unparalleled experience tailored specifically to your body's unique needs. Just like a well-oiled machine, we'll ensure your bike and body work in perfect harmony, maximizing comfort, power, and injury prevention.

At Golden Endurance, we go beyond traditional bike fitting approaches. Our physical therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, assessing your body's flexibility, joint alignment, and muscle imbalances. With this in-depth analysis, we'll uncover potential areas of improvement and design a customized bike fitting plan to optimize your riding performance.

Whether you're a competitive athlete, an enthusiastic cyclist, or someone simply looking to enhance your riding experience, our medical bike fitting services are for you. We take pride in staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in cycling biomechanics and employ state-of-the-art technology to fine-tune every aspect of your ride.

Why choose Golden Endurance?

  1. Expertise: Our physical therapist possesses extensive knowledge in sports medicine and cycling biomechanics, ensuring you receive the highest level of care and attention.

  2. Customization: We understand that no two bodies are the same. Our tailored bike fitting approach guarantees a personalized fit that optimizes power transfer, reduces fatigue, and minimizes the risk of overuse injuries.

  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: We leverage the use of lasers to make evidence-based adjustments to your bike fit.

  4. Performance Enhancement: By fine-tuning your position on the bike, we help you achieve optimal aerodynamics, improve pedaling efficiency, and maximize power output, giving you the competitive edge you've been striving for.

  5. Injury Prevention: Our physical therapist will identify and address any existing or potential issues, such as joint stress, muscle imbalances, or improper alignment, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring a pain-free cycling experience.

What goes into a Fit

1. A one on one conversation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in musculoskeletal conditions. We want to learn about your racing history, injury history, style of riding, training schedule ect. 

2. A full body physical exam. A full body exam is necessary to identify barriers between you and your bike. We work to identify structural barriers need to be compensated for and functional barriers that can be addressed through therapeutic exercise.

3. Static and Dynamic fitting assessment. We analyze your posture, specific angles, and dynamic pedaling patterns with you on your bike.

4. The therapist will make specific recommendations based on your physical exam and fitting assessment. Recommendations are specific to you and come with recommended changes to your bike as well as mobility and strengthening exercises you can do for your body. 

5. We want to see you succeed. Take your bike out for a couple rides. We offer a one hour follow up session free of charge after you have taken your bike out for a couple rides. Take notes and report back to us how it felt. We're willing to work with you until we get it right. 

Bike Fitting RATES


1 Bike 

$299 for a 1-2 hour Session

2 Bikes

$499 for a 3-4 hour Session 

Sessions come with one free 1-hour follow up appointment to address any lingering issues

once you have had a chance to ride your newly fitted bike several times.

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