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Golden Endurance

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Physical Therapy & Performance


Physical Therapy

One on one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Golden Endurance offers individualized physical therapy to get you back on your feet and performing your best. Our physical therapists are orthopedic specialists, treat all types of musculoskeletal injuries, and are top providers for runners and cyclists. We are committed to you.

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About Golden Endurance

Golden Endurance aims to be your resource for endurance training and development. There is a lot of conflicting information in the health and fitness world.  Your coach may say one thing, but your physical therapist says another. Then you read an article about some strength workout that may be good to do, and the guy down the street says you need to be doing x, y, or z. Who has time to navigate all the different advice out there? At Golden Endurance trained professionals collaborate with each other to help you develop as an athlete.

While we most commonly work with endurance athletes, physical therapy and strength training are available to anyone.

Our 3 Step ProcesS


Address your pain in 1-4 visits. 


Get you back to doing what you love in 4-8 visits


Make sure it doesn't come back in 8-12 visits.


"I’ve had insurance based physical therapy in the past and was disappointed with the care. But with the very reasonably priced self pay at Golden Endurance I don’t feel like just a name on a insurance form. I feel like I have partners in my recovery. It’s really how healthcare should be. "

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