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About Golden Endurance

Golden Endurance aims to be your resource for endurance training and development. There is a lot of conflicting information in the running world.  Your coach may say one thing, but your physical therapist says another. Then you read an article about some strength workout that may be good to do, and the guy down the street says you need to be doing x, y, or z. Who has time to navigate all the different advice out there? At Golden Endurance trained professionals collaborate with each other to help you develop as an endurance athlete.

While we most commonly work with endurance athletes, strength training and rehab services are available to anyone.

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How it works

Golden Endurance offers rehab services, run coaching, and strength training individually or as bundled services. Our goal is to bring you to your personal best.


Schedule an appointment with a professional



Work with a professional or a team of professionals to build a holistic program. 


Achieve your goals with the support of a team

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Schedule a Service

Physical therapy

1-on-1 Session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

1 hr


Run Coach

Personalized training from 5k to 100mi

Initial Month


Strength Training

Personalized strength training for endurance athletes

Initial Month


Discovery Visit

Not sure what you need? Schedule a free discovery visit over the phone to consult with a professional.

20 mins



Bundled Services

Our goal at Golden Endurance is to provide holistic services to create the most well rounded athlete.

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