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Preferred Providers

Below are providers that we have worked with and established relationships with in the past. They have a reputation as being patient centered and are focused on you, the individual. 

Primary Care

Pure Family Medicine

Pure Family Medicine is a family owned primary care office that has reinvented healthcare to provide you a better experience. From longer appointments, a direct line to your personal doctor, and predictable affordable pricing, our patients get Better Healthcare, Pure & Simple.

Maia Primary Care & Wellness

Maia Primary Care and Wellness is a direct primary care practice located in northwest Arvada. Maia was started to provide better personalized primary care. Patients spend more time with their doctor focusing on their needs and healthcare goals. Scheduling is convenient including same day or next day appointments and the option of being seen in-person or virtually (if appropriate). Price transparency and reduced costs are provided whenever possible. Patients are able to communicate with their doctor directly on a HIPAA secure platform.

Functional Medicine


Wild Rice Wellness

I’m Alison Percowycz, a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and I have a deep rooted passion for helping others get well by taking the unconventional approach. I am trained in conventional and functional medicine. What I do to restore health and optimize wellness is bridge the best of both worlds in an integrative approach that gets to the root cause of disease and imbalance and gets patients on the path to wellness.

Mental Health

Colorado Psychotherapy & Performance

Neal is a licensed psychotherapist and mental performance consultant who has dual degrees in social work and applied sport psychology. He specializes in helping athletes develop a better relationship with their emotions. Athletes that find themselves stuck worrying. Anxious or depressed about an injury. Struggling in relationships, as well just simply wanting to find an extra edge in performance. He offers a free initial consultation and telehealth sessions in Colorado. He also is also an ultrarunner, mountain athlete, and coach.


Sports Medicine of the Rockies.png

Sports Medicine of the Rockies

Dr. Close is a specialist in the management of various non-operative orthopedic and sports medicine conditions. Whether it’s an injured knee from skiing or a nagging shoulder problem, Dr. Close is here to help. His goal is to fully understand how each patient’s musculoskeletal issues began, to make an accurate diagnosis, and to educate everyone about the evidence-based treatment options available.


Aspen Alley

Lauren raced triathlons at the elite level for many years. Some highlights include earning the overall women's champion title at Ironman Maryland in 2014 and the women’s 20-29 champion title at the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2015. Lauren first visited Boulder, CO for a summer to train at altitude leading up to Kona, and fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. 

Lauren holds a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York Chiropractic College, and a Bachelor's in Biology from University of California, Santa Barbara. Her clinical interests include: sport nutrition, pain and inflammation, endocrine conditions and hormonal balance, the gut-brain connection, eating disorders, herbalism

Aspen leaf.png

Own it Nutrition

At Own It Nutrition, we believe in empowering athletes and active individuals with education to make healthy choices. With the guidance of a registered dietitian, you will learn how to use nutrition to support long-term health and achieve your athletic goals.

Own it. A proper nutrition plan can enhance workouts, prevent injury, boost your immune system, improve focus, and elevate your fitness. For athletes, it can separate the good from the great. For everyone, it sets supports a lifetime of good health. It’s your health and fitness — Own it.

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