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Choosing a Coach

The running world is littered with people who claim to be coaches at this point. In the trail and ultrarunning world in particular, the world of coaching is growing even more rapidly. With numerous coaches now, and endless resources just a internet search away, you may be wondering, "How do I even choose a coach?"

Here at Golden Endurance, we know that every individual has their own reason for hiring a coach, but we believe some core principles should be part of every coaches' background and connection with their athletes:


Our coaches all have their unique backgrounds in sport exercise related education. A coach, should at the bare minimum, have some foundational knowledge and course work under their belts. The training and advice we prescribe is based on research, results, and knowledge, and not extending our own personal approaches onto you. Our coaches have extensive running backgrounds as well, that only adds to this foundation. We can guide you through the process and types of races we have experienced already for ourselves. We coach with science and experience, not with anecdotes.


Google "___mile training program" and you will find something out there. Similarly, some coaches offer coaching and training programs that are near identical to swaths of athletes. We don't. The support we give as coaches and the structure and goals of training all are tailored to our runners' specific background, struggles, strengths, and goals. We view consistent communication as a critical aspect of tailoring training for your needs. You won't get a 6 month training program from us. We match runners up with the coach that best suits their goals. We take time to learn about our athletes, and constantly check in on how runs and life are going, so we can respond and tailor their training a couple weeks at a time, with their overall goals and aim always in mind. No two athletes are the same, and neither should their training.


A running coach should not only have an extensive knowledge base themselves, but they should also know where their knowledge is limited. We have physical therapists at Golden Endurance who are experts in the field of rehab, prehab, and strengthening. We also know when to refer and connect you with other trusted professionals when health issues arise outside our expertise. We will do everything we can to support you and help you find success, including reaching outside our own expertise when need be.

We love to coach runners at Golden Endurance, and hope to guide more athletes on their running journey. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you find success too!

-Mark Marzen

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