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It Takes a VIllage

Finding a good physical therapist can be hard! Especially one that specializes in what you need, is convenient in time and location, and can effectively help you. That is why we have a variety of physical therapy resources in the Denver area.

Limitless Concierge Physical Therapy LLC

Dr. Jordan Adrian PT, DPT, Cert. FDN

We are the premier concierge physical therapy and wellness provider for Lakewood, Littleton, and Southwest Denver. We specialize in helping active adults overcome shoulder, back, and knee injuries (rotator cuff / shoulder injuries, shoulder labral tears, spinal disc injuries, ligament sprains, muscle strains, rehab following fracture or joint dislocation, back pain, knee pain, tendonitis / tendinopathies, and many more). By doing so we are able to help people return to the activities they love without the use of risky injections or surgeries.

We’re on a mission to provide a better quality experience with improved outcomes in less time for patients in a fun, engaging, and holistic way. If you're highly motivated, but feel like you need some guidance we’d love to work with you to meet your goals as a team!

mobile, concierge, physical therapy

Sparq Physical Therapy

Dr. Kelsy Rayl and Dr. Kristine Godsil

Specializing in Concussion & Dizziness and Pelvic Health in Castle Rock, CO.

Sparq Physical Therapy is a physical therapist & women-owned clinic that is passionate about finding everyone's drive to move well. At SparqPT, we treat a wide variety of diagnoses that span orthopedic, pediatric, concussion, vestibular, & pelvic floor conditions. Dr. Kelsy and Dr. Kristine want all their clients to experience high-quality care with a healthcare provider who listens well and integrates their concerns into their plan of care so they can achieve all their goals.

concussion, pelvic health, physical therapy

Roaming Rehab

Dr. Katie Sage and Dr. Derek Smith

Roaming Rehab provides in-home, 1-on-1, personalized, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and wellness services. We cater to adults who value their health and want to improve their quality of life. We cherish the ability to help people grow, stay fit, age optimally, and truly enjoy your golden years.

We specialize in balance, strength training, and improving overall physical function for individuals who are going through the aging process. We focus on a patient centered, fitness forward approach and will work with you to help overcome any barriers that are affecting your quality of life. Whether you're recovering from surgery, experiencing pain or weakness, or have had a fall or a fear of falling, we are here for YOU.

Roaming Rehab wants to help you achieve your goals whether it's hiking, skiing, or just playing in the backyard with your grandchildren!

mobile, concierge, physical therapy

Comeback Performance & Wellness LLC

Dr. Joey Seyforth, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, CF-L1, DN 1 & 2

Comeback Performance & Wellness serves the Denver Baseball Community. Comeback Performance helps baseball athletes eliminate pain, optimize throwing mechanics, and maximize potential. Comeback Performance is unlike any other physical therapy practice and specializes in the transition from traditional physical therapy to the playing field, by bridging the gap between rehab and performance. "The Comeback is Always Stronger Than the Setback.”

concierge, physical therapy, baseball

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